Hnry is a service for contractors, freelancers, sole traders and self-employed individuals that takes away all the hassle of tax and compliance, turning it into a 'pay-as-you-go' model.

The Hnry Service has 3 parts:

1. The Hnry Bank Account

When you sign up for Hnry, you get given your own unique Hnry Bank Account to have all your self-employed income paid in to. 

As soon as your Clients pay you in to this Bank Account, we automatically calculate, deduct and pay exactly the right amount of all of your taxes and compliance (Income Tax, ACC, GST, Student Loan) before immediately passing the remainder on to a personal Bank Account of your choice, along with a payslip. 

When the time comes, we'll file all your Income Tax (and GST) returns for you - at no extra cost!

No more danger of dipping into your tax money, no more spreadsheets, online calculators and manual payments, no more Provisional Taxes; no more hassle!

2. The Hnry App

As a Hnry customer, you'll also get access to our app, which is packed full of useful features for the self-employed: 

  • Invoice your clients, and we'll even follow up with them if they're late paying
  • Raise your Business and Home Office Expenses, and our team will review them to make sure you get the right tax relief
  • Get your Payslips, and see all your tax deductions
  • Manage your payments, and take control of where your money goes every time you get paid, using the Hnry Allocations feature
  • View your Dashboard and use our Personal Financial Management tools.
  • You can also download a mobile version of the Hnry app to have on-the-go. 

3. The Hnry Team

You don't just get a Hnry Bank Account and some software, you also get access to our team. Our Hnry team are experts in self-employed tax, and we're always on hand to answer your questions or help out. The team will review all your business expenses, to make sure you get the right tax relief right away, and we can also help you get set up with clients or recruiters.

Hnry is a registered tax agent for both ACC and IRD, and as such as can represent you to both of those agencies.

If you're ready to hire Hnry, sign up below. It's free to sign up and look around, and we don't charge you any fees until you actually start getting paid into your Hnry Bank Account.

If you'd like to find out whether Hnry might be right for you, you can take our short questionnaire below:

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