Whenever your clients pay you into your Hnry Bank Account, we automatically calculate, deduct and pay exactly the right amount of all your taxes:

  • Income Tax
  • ACC
  • GST (if applicable)
  • Student Loans (if applicable)

We then pass what's yours on to you immediately - with no delays. In the vast majority of cases, your pay gets transferred to your personal bank account within a few minutes of it having cleared in your Hnry Bank Account. 

N.B. Head over here for some information about the sorts of factors that may affect payment times.


You’ll receive an email whenever you get paid, notifying you that there are new Payslips available to view in your Hnry Dashboard. 

Whenever you get paid, you'll be able to see a Payslip on the Payslips screen in Hnry, detailing all the tax that has been deducted and paid on your behalf, just like a Payslip that you'd receive from a permanent job. 

If you have regular transfers you make to friends, family, KiwiSaver, utilities or services, check out our Allocations feature, that allows you to transfer portions of your income to others, every time you get paid.

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