Receiving Paypal payments into Hnry is easy, and we will still calculate and pay all your taxes just as we normally do. 

Here is a quick list on some things to note when you are using Hnry to make Paypal transactions.  

Paypal Payments:

  • Paypal will ask for a 'Bank Number', which refers to the first six numbers of your Hnry Bank Account number (the Bank and Branch number).
  • Paypal refer to the remaining digits of your Hnry Account Number as being your ‘Account Number’
  • The Bank Name will be ‘ASB New Zealand’
  • Please ensure that you use hyphens when entering Account Numbers. 
  • We will deduct the appropriate Taxes and then transfer your funds to you on the same working day! 
  • If you have any further questions about Paypal Payment details, please contact
  • Keep in mind, there could be a fee for international transfers, credit or debit card use which will be added to your Hnry fees, along with any other bank charges from correspondent banks. 

N.B. Hnry does not take any responsibility for exchange rates applied by banks at the time of payment of your funds. If you are concerned about Transfer Costs or Exchange Rate Costs, please contact the team at the email listed above. 

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