Now that you've signed up with Hnry, it's time to fill out your Hnry profile with some basic information about the clients you work for and the products & services you sell. 

See the links below for more information on the different aspects of your Hnry Dashboard: 

  • Clients: Add in some simple details of the sorts of people you work for. We need this information so that we know who will be paying you, and to whom you’ll be sending Invoices.
  • Invoices: If you're raising invoices using Hnry, your invoices will automatically have your unique Hnry bank account details on them
  • Quotes: You can send Quotes to your Clients before Invoicing them. Clients can then choose to accept the Quote and you can convert a Quote into an Invoice with the click of a button.  
  • Payslips: This is where you can check out your recent pays and see where your money goes. Here, you can download monthly payslips and prove your income to anyone.
  • Expenses: Log your expenses here and our team of tax experts will review each and every one of them, ensuring that you get the right tax relief.

My Account

  • Profile: You can also update your Profile from the 'My Account' area, adding in information such as Logos, Trading Names and other settings.
  • Services: Add in some information about the sorts of Products and Services you sell. Any Products or Services you invoice clients for will have Income Tax, ACC and other taxes deducted once your clients pay.
  • Income Sources: Indicate income you earned from sources other than your self-employed work. These can include dividends, subsidies, rental income, and others, and help to ensure we have you on the right tax rate – and so that you don't end the financial year with a big tax bill. 
  • Financial Details: In the 'My Account' section, fill out your Financial Info to let us know if you're registered for GST, make student loan or Provisional Tax payments, or work part-time. This section of your Hnry Dashboard (found under ‘My Account’) contains your unique Hnry Bank Account details, which you can easily share with your Clients
  • Reports display your total taxable income earned, the amount of income tax paid on that income, the total amount of ACC levies paid, and your net pay. You’ll also see the total amount of expenses raised throughout the financial year. Feel free to download these whenever you like, and use them to prove your income and compliance to anyone. 
  • Filings at year-end are included in your Hnry fees, and we’ll be in touch before the end of the financial year with some information. If you’re GST-registered, we’ll file your GST returns for the periods as indicated on your myIR.

Recruiters / Labour Hires:
If you are working through a Recruitment Agency, Labour Hire or other 3rd Party, it may be the case that you don't need Withholding Tax deducted. You can choose to have Hnry take care of all your tax (in which case, them deducting Withholding Tax is no longer necessary). If this is the case, feel free to copy in on any email correspondence to them and we'd be handle everything else for you. Or if they'd rather deduct WT on your behalf, you'll just need to make sure that you've updated their Client Details on your Hnry dashboard. Click here for more information on Withholding Tax.

If you ever have any other questions about how Hnry works, simply speak to one of the team using the chat button in the bottom right corner of this screen.

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