In some cases, your Client may agree to reimburse you for Mileage expenses incurred as part of the work you do. This is known as a Client Chargeable expense so you need to create a new Expense in Hnry:

  • In the first drop-down, change the Expense Type to 'Client Chargeable'
  • Select the right Client that it is chargeable to
  • Uploading a receipt is optional, but your Client may ask you to send a receipt as proof of purchase of fuel etc, along with your Invoice
  • For the description, put in the rate that you and your Client have agreed on and the distance traveled, e.g. "100km at $0.73 per k/m"
  • Mileage costs do not include GST so make sure you raise these correctly                    

Client Chargeable Expenses raised for Clients will automatically appear on your next Invoice to that Client. When your client pays the invoice, we don't deduct any tax amount from them.

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