Many sole-traders, contractors and freelancers work from a Home Office. You can load Home Office Expenses through Hnry and we will make sure you get the right tax relief. 

Home Office expenses are Business Expenses and are loaded into Hnry the same way you would load other reimbursable purchases, etc. 

N.B. You don't need to worry about working out the proportion of the expense that is claimable - we'll work that out for you. Just make sure you enter the percentage relative to the size to your home for your Home Office in your Dashboard: 'My Account' > 'Profile'. 

There are some rules that are set in place by the IRD around what is and isn't claimable as a Home Office expense - this link explains these rules in more detail. 

When loading Home Office Expenses into Hnry, make sure that:

  • The expense is an appropriate and relevant expense that is specific to your business activities (i.e. it's not for personal use)
  • You select the right Category for the expense (you can find a list of our Categories here
  • You specify clearly what the Expense is for in the Description
  • You enter the full Excluding and Including GST amounts from the bill or receipt - making sure that the figures match exactly what is on the receipt
  • The uploaded Receipt is valid. Check out our guide here on what that should look like 
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