At Hnry, we know that everyone's situation can be different and so not everyone will only provide one service and be working for one client at a time. Here are a few scenarios that we are often asked about: 

I have multiple sources of self-employed income: 

  • This is perfect for using Hnry. You can list all of your Services and Clients in the Hnry online platform, and easily raise Invoices to your different clients. 

I earn a PAYE Salary as well as my self-employed income:

  • This situation will work as well – just remember: any income that you earn will affect your tax rate, so it's critical that you log all of your sources of income in your Hnry Dashboard.

I have dividends from investments:

  • It's important you declare money coming from dividends on investments so we know how to handle your return.

I have a rental property:

  • As you are earning additional income through property ownership, you must declare this source of income as you would a second job. 

I receive government subsidies:

  • These subsidies are counted as additional income so we'll need to incorporate any money you receive from the government in your tax return.

I pay Provisional Tax

  • If you are already subject to Provisional Tax payments, Hnry will make regular contributions towards this whenever you get paid, however you may still be responsible for making partial Provisional Tax payments if your rate of Provisional Tax is higher than the contributions paid through Hnry.

I am a tax resident of another country:

  • If you are a tax resident of another country as well as New Zealand, you'll need to let the Hnry team know as soon as possible so that we can make sure you're on the right tax rate.

N.B If you are earning any of these in addition to your self-employed income, please indicate this in the 'My Financial Info' section of your Dashboard: 

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