If you are working for someone outside of New Zealand, then you can definitely still use Hnry. This works if you're employed by an Australian company, for instance, but work remotely from New Zealand. 

In order for you to get paid, you can either enter the rate in a foreign currency on each line, or as a separate total in the Invoice Comments field (ie, 'AUD2,000', etc.), as whilst the primary currency of the invoice will be in NZD, you can just add in the AUD values. Or you might use some alternative method of payment - e.g. Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe etc. - in which case, the amount will be automatically converted. 

If you would like to find out more about how to set yourself up to be able to work for overseas clients, check out this article or get in touch with one of our team today.

N.B. If you are a tax resident of multiple countries then please contact one of our team (support@hnry.co.nz) so that we can determine if Hnry is right for you.

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