When you get off the plane in New Zealand, ready to set up a job and home, you might be wondering how all of our tax regulations work. New Zealand has a fairly simple taxation system but if you're from overseas and self-employed it might be rather difficult to figure out. 

First things first, apply for an IRD number. You can't really do much financially without one. 

Once you have an IRD number, you can sign up for Hnry and we'll sort out all necessary tax requirements for you, each time you get paid. Certain countries tax overseas residents differently, so we'll make sure you get the right tax relief for your situation. 

N.B. If you're a tax resident in another country, you will have to pay tax in both countries. Furthermore, Hnry cannot file tax in another country on your behalf, although we will work with you to sort out taxes here in New Zealand. 

You can always contact support@hnry.co.nz if you have any further questions. 

For additional info on how being a tax resident in another country will affect your taxation, check out this article on the IRD site. 

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