You can claim any rental costs for your workspace, any rates or council costs or mortgage interests as business expenses.

  • Rent
  • Rates/council cost
  • Water
  • Mortgage Interest 

Make sure to enter the full amount of the bill and we'll calculate the deductible portion.

For Rent or Mortgage Interest payments, you may not be provided by a receipt by your provider. If this it the case, you may upload a clearly marked copy or screenshot of your bank statement.

Remember to log the size of your home office in your dashboard if applicable. If you rent an external space, set your home office percentage to 100%. You can do this in your Hnry Dashboard: 


  • The business percentage of your home office expenses can be claimed as a deduction for income tax.
  • If you're GST-registered, you can claim the GST content on home office expenses as they’re incurred (i.e. in each GST return period) or as a total at the end of your tax year. 
  • Mortgage interest and rent don’t include GST.
  • You can't claim your Mortgage principal or capital
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