You can claim transport costs incurred for business purposes only. You can claim the following:

  • When you are working outside your normal hours of work, such as overtime, shift or weekend work
  • Needing to carry work-related tools or equipment, for example, you might usually take the bus but on a particular day (say, if you need to carry a large toolbox)
  • Travelling to fulfill a statutory obligation
  • You have a temporary change in workplace

You cannot claim:

  • Travel to and from work
  • Topping up a travel or parking card
  • Purchase of multi-trip tickets
  • Parking costs incurred when attending your regular place of work (parking costs are only claimable if you have been required to travel away from your normal place of business e.g. for the purposes of attending a client meeting) 

N.B: When claiming travel expenses, you will need to include the reason for the travel in the Expense Description e.g. 'Client meeting with Studio 9'

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