Hnry will take care of all your tax obligations on your behalf – including making sure you're paying the exact right amount of Income Tax, ACC and GST.

Whether you work for employers or recruiters that deduct Withholding Tax from you, or get paid gross amounts by your clients, Hnry can handle it. All you have to do is indicate this on your Hnry profile – click here for more information.

You should let your Employer know that Hnry will be handling all your financial arrangements, so any remittances or payment confirmations can be sent to

We're more than happy to talk to your Employer or Recruiter to help get you all set up - just send us their details. 

If you're ready to hire Hnry, sign up below:

If you're still unsure, and you'd like to find out whether Hnry might be right for you, answer our short questionnaire below:

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