You can sign up to Hnry at any time of the year, regardless of whether you’ve earned income this year or whether you currently have an accountant.

We can even take into account any business expenses you may have incurred to date. For us to take these into account, we need all the relevant information, through one of two options:

  1. Upload Individual Expenses to Hnry: The preferred option would be for you to upload your expenses in the system individually so they can be processed by the team quickly and efficiently.
  2. Bulk Upload by Category: If you have previously being using another accounting system to store expenses and have a large number that cannot be added individually, then uploading each one individually may take a long time. If that is the case, then you will still need to raise your expenses in the Hnry platform but you can total up your expenses by Expense Category (i.e. Motor Vehicle Expenses) and use a PDF extract from your accounting software of those expenses as the receipt.
    N.B. If you are GST registered, you will need to separate out the bulk uploads for each of your GST periods. For example, if you are filing 2-monthly GST, you would need to bulk upload your expenses, separated by each 2-monthly GST period. So for a January-February GST period, you would create a single expense dated the end of that period (28/02) containing all expenses for each category. If you are unsure of how to do this, please contact one of the team.

Make sure you working out the appropriate GST amounts paid for the category and override the default amount if necessary!

The same rules apply for bulk uploads as they do for individually expense claims so make sure to follow the rules that pop-up when you select your category. For example; you can claim up to 25% of petrol without a log book. You need to make it clear in the Expense Description whether the extract values have already been pro-rated or if they are the receipt totals. 

N.B: When bulk-uploading past receipts, we do not get to sight and approve the receipts as per our usual processes, you need to be aware that if you choose to raise expenses in bulk using extracts from your previous accounting software then we cannot warrant the compliance of these claims.

Please note that you will also be required to hold onto those receipts for 7 years and that you will need to be able to produce them should IRD request them .

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