KiwiSaver doesn't work like a bank. Allocations you make to KiwiSaver won't necessarily be visible in your KiwiSaver account the next day, and they won't always arrive as a single payment.

If you have a KiwiSaver Allocation set up in Hnry, every time you get paid, we send KiwiSaver contributions to Inland Revenue (as they are the payment vehicle for most KiwiSaver payments). As a result of IRD's internal processes, it can take IRD a while to process your payments and pass them onto your KiwiSaver provider.   

KiwiSaver allocations must clear through IRD before they can be passed onto your KiwiSaver provider and this process may take several weeks (or in the worst case up to two months), for your contributions to appear in your KiwiSaver fund. 

Rest assured that any contributions we have deducted on your behalf have been passed on to IRD immediately.

You may be able to speed up transfers to your KiwiSaver account by using a Custom Allocation, rather than using the default KiwiSaver Allocation. All you'll need is your KiwiSaver provider's bank account and reference details, and you can directly transfer straight into your provider's account every time you get paid.

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