Sometimes you and your client might agree that they will pay the cost of an invoice over a certain period of time. 

For example, you might invoice them for 10 x 60 minute sessions of your services, and they would like to pay once after each session.

With Hnry, this is pretty straightforward. You can simply create and send a single Invoice to them upfront, for the total payment amount, and they can part-pay the invoice over time – as long as they use the invoice number as the reference on each payment they make. 

Every time they made a part-payment, we would deduct and pay the tax as normal, as a proportion of the total tax owing on the full invoice amount.

On the Invoices screen, you will be able to see if an invoice has been part paid, as it will have the green 'part paid' icon next to it:

N.B. In order for our system to correctly match each part-payment to the correct invoice, your client must ensure that they include the invoice number as the Reference for each payment. As long as they use the invoice number as a reference, each payment they make will still contribute towards the original invoice and our system will pick up that it's a partial payment. 

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