Taking payments from your customers on the go has never been easier. With Hnry, you can have your EFTPOS transactions paid directly in to your Hnry Bank Account. There's no need to create invoices to your clients - you can simply set up your terminal to pay straight into your Hnry Bank Account!

You'll find some simple instructions below on how to set things up.

ASB Customers:

If you're an ASB customer you can set up your existing EFTPOS terminal to pay into your Hnry Account. Simply update your settings so that the mPOS Lite terminal points all transactions directly to your Hnry Bank Account (ending -37).

If you would like to get a new mPOS Lite terminal from ASB, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, have a good read of the ASB Merchant Services Agreement, Operating Guide, and Paymark agreement:
    ASB Merchant Services Agreement
    ASB Merchant Operating Guide
    Paymark Agreement

    N.B. All transaction fees, bank fees and mPOS Lite terminal rental fees are paid for by you as an individual, rather than by Hnry. You can of course raise these costs as Business Expenses in Hnry though 😀

  2. Next, download and complete this PDF application form (we've pre-filled some of the details for you). The main things you'll need to add in are:

    Section 1:
    - Your Name and contact details
    - Your GST Number (if you are registered for GST)

    Section 2:
    Your make/model of Smartphone (and whether it is Android/Apple)
    - Integration with POS = Y
    - POS System used = HNRY
    - Your trading hours
    - The date you require the terminal from
    - Your expected monthly transaction volume ($NZD)

    Section 3:
    - Enter your Hnry Bank Account Number

    Section 4:
    - Enter today's date
    - Enter your name in the 'on behalf of' field
    - Enter your name in the 'signatory' box
    - Sign the application form

    Direct Debit Authority:
    - Enter your merchant services number (if you already have one)
    - Enter the name on your ASB Bank Account (your business or individual account, not your Hnry Bank Account Number)
    - Enter your ASB Branch name
    - Enter today's date
    - Enter some relevant details in to the Particulars, Code and Reference field so that you'll recognise ASB transactions relating to your mPOS terminal
    - Sign the form at the bottom of page 3

  3. Email your completed form to merchant.sales@ASB.co.nz, copying in support@hnry.co.nz on that email

  4. We'll provide ASB directly with proof of your Hnry Bank Account when requested

  5. When your mPOS Lite terminal arrives, you'll be provided with all the instructions you need to get it set up - at which point you set it up so that all transactions clear into your Hnry Bank Account. Usually it will take around 5 days for ASB to process your application and dispatch the terminal to you. 👍

  6. Once your mPOS terminal is linked to your Hnry Bank Account, any future payments will have all the taxes deducted and paid, before your money is passed on to you immediately - it's that simple!

Non-ASB Customers:

If you're not currently an ASB customer, you will need to contact your EFTPOS Terminal issuer or banking provider, to enquire about how to set up your EFTPOS terminal to direct all transactions through to your Hnry Bank Account. If they are unable to assist, you may want to consider using an ASB mPOS Terminal instead...

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