If your clients are located overseas and paying in foreign currency, Hnry can still work for you - they simply just need to use your Hnry bank account details when making the payment and your taxable income is just the amount that clears in your account (e.g. the NZD amount).

Hnry do not charge you any fees for transferring money from overseas into your Hnry account though there may be some third party fees associated with international payments that vary depending on the payment method used.

Customers with overseas clients deal with international payments in different ways. Some clients prefer paying via TransferWise and PayPal, some through Payoneer or an equivalent, and others simply transfer the funds manually via direct internet transfer (see International Transfer Details). For those that transfer funds directly, the client can choose to either absorb the international transfer fees themselves or pass the fee on to the Hnry customer.

The exchange rates are all controlled by the bank, or the payment provider themselves and any fees are deducted during the course of the payment transfer. So in the same way that we don’t charge any additional fees on our side, we also do not have any control over the exchange rates applied by banks at the time of payment of your funds. We only have visibility of the final payment amount that clears in your Hnry account and it is this amount that gets classified and declared as your income.

If you are concerned about Transfer Costs or Exchange Rate Costs, or if you have any further questions about our International Payment details, please contact the team at support@hnry.co.nz

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