Getting started with Hnry is super easy. It only takes a few minutes to set up your profile and get a Hnry Bank Account. Every time you get paid through this unique Bank Account, we'll automatically: 

  • calculate and pay your income tax 
  • deduct and pay all your ACC levies
  • get you the right tax relief on any expenses you raise
  • collect GST and file when the time comes (if required)
  • provide you with financial insights and reports
  • set aside income to Savings and investments ('Allocations')

1. Getting to know you

First things first, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information. This helps us run mandatory anti-money laundering checks to confirm your identity. 

Enter your first and last name, a good phone number to reach you on, and how you heard about Hnry. 


2. What sort of work do you do? 

Next, enter the type of work you do. This helps us determine the right ACC levy to put you on. 

You can select an industry – anything from Animal & Agriculture Services to IT & Technology – and then specify the kind of work you do within that industry. If you don’t see your industry or work type in the menu, simply click ‘Other’ and enter one in the third field.

3. GST Registration

We need to know if you’re GST-registered so that we can file GST returns on your behalf. Please note: unless you expect to earn more than $60,000 from self-employment in a year, you aren’t required to be GST-registered to use Hnry. 

If you've already registered for GST, you will be due to file regular GST returns with IRD, which we’ll do on your behalf. You’ll also need to be charging 15% GST on top of the products and services you sell.

Not sure if you should be GST-registered? If it looks like you’ll earn over that threshold, we’ll let you know how and when to register.

4. Income Information

Next, we’ll ask you for an income estimate for the year. Much like in a previous step, when you entered the type of work you do, this info helps Hnry work best for you. The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate your starting tax rate with Hnry will be. 

On this screen, you’ll also need to indicate whether you have a PAYE (ie, salary) job or student loan, both of which we’ll need to account for when we make deductions on your behalf.

5. Registered as a Business? 

Hnry will take care of all your personal income tax payments and filings, however we don't make payments on behalf of registered businesses. If you file a business tax return at the end of the year, you’ll need to make other arrangements. 

Did you know? It’s not mandatory to operate as a registered business if you’re a sole trader, and it could be the case that you’re unnecessarily burdened with more financial admin. If you’ve got some questions about this, check out our guide on whether or not to register – and if you’d like to inquire about our services for registered businesses, please contact

6. Creating a Client 

We’ll then ask you to provide some basic information about who pays you (these are called ‘Clients’ in Hnry).

  1. Here, you can indicate the name and email address of the contact person who will be paying you. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma if you have more than one Client. 
  2. If your client or recruiter deducts a percentage of your income for tax prior to paying you (called ‘Withholding Tax’), you can indicate this here. You’ll just need to let us know how much they’re deducting, as this will affect the tax rate we’ll have you on. 
  3. If your client is based overseas, they won’t be required to collect or pay GST to IRD, so they’ll be considered ‘zero-rated’ for GST. 

NB: later on, you can add some more specific details about your client and how you work with them.

Don’t have a client yet? No worries! You can enter your own name or ‘Unknown’ to get started, or you can click ‘Next’ and we’ll create a default client for you. Just remember to come back to add in some Client info once you know a bit more about who will be paying you. 


7. Final Profile Information

We'll just need some final pieces of information from you so that we can become your tax agent as soon as you start using Hnry. 

This includes information like your IRD number, which you can find on any letter or document you’ve received from IRD, on the myIR portal, in online banking, or on any payslips you’ve received from past or current employers. 

The information you enter on this screen is super important because it helps us process anti-money laundering checks on your behalf. As with all of the other steps here, you can go in and edit this info at any stage.

And that's all there is to setting up your Hnry Profile! 

Now that you've got your Hnry Bank Account details, you can easily share your Bank Account Details with your clients by clicking the 'Share' buttons at the bottom. 

Helpful hint: you can also find these Bank Details on the main page of your Dashboard, and on the ‘Financial Info’ section in the ‘My Account’ tab.

As soon as your Clients pay into this Account, we’ll automatically calculate, deduct and pay all of your taxes, and make any necessary deductions on your behalf, before passing the rest of the payment on to you!

What's Next? 

Be sure to check out our 'Making the Most Out of Hnry' article for ways you can make the Hnry service work even better for you. 

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