With your income being paid into your Hnry Bank Account, there’s no need to set up any Bank Feeds, and no need for you to do any reconciliation yourself. Unlike with other accounting software, all of your inbound transactions are matched automatically in Hnry.

This isn’t just once per day either - this happens constantly throughout the day, so whenever you get paid into your Hnry bank account, the transaction gets processed immediately and automatically - so you don’t need to lift a finger 👍

Business Expenses

If you have any Business Expenses, it doesn't make a difference which of your own bank accounts or cards you use to purchase these with - you don't need a dedicated 'business' bank account to use Hnry. 

As per IRD requirements, we'll need to see receipts for those purchases, so that we can get you the right tax relief straight away. You can upload these receipts into the Hnry desktop or mobile app (just like you'd need to with any other accounting software), and as your Tax Agent we immediately review your expenses to check they are valid, and then you get the tax relief on those expenses.

That means you get the peace of mind that you're always paying exactly the right amount of all your taxes - and you always know that the money in your pocket is yours to spend.

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