Per Diems are payments that you receive to cover the cost of meals and other minor expenses when you are required to work away from your normal place of residence. They are a daily allowance that you receive in addition to the payment for your services. 

Per Diems are considered to be income by IRD so they are taxed just like any normal income you earn. 

How to add Per Diems to your Invoice:

  1. Click the "Service" tab in the App sidebar (located in the “My Account” section) and you will be brought to a screen that displays all of the Services for which you can charge a Client.
  2. Click the "Add New" button to create a new service and name it “Per Diem”. Set the rate at an hourly, daily or fixed cost and select the category of your profession in the drop-down menu. 
  3. When you send a Quote or Invoice to a Client, select the “Per Diem” Service to add this to the Quote/Invoice. 

N.B. Per Diems are not subject to Withholding Tax, so if your Client deducts Withholding Tax you will need to add this to the Client Details.  

How to add Per Diems if your Client deducts Withholding Tax:

  1. Click the "Clients" tab in the App sidebar to update or create a new client.
  2. From the following boxes, click the one that most applies to you. Each box will prompt you to specify more information on that particular client: 
  3. Select “Yes” to show your client deducts tax prior to payment and then tick the Per Diems checkbox.

Make sure to send your remittance through to to provide the information about your Per Diems. 

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