In order to relieve some of the financial pressure during this time, you can claim business expenses that you incur while working from home so that you can get immediate tax relief. 

You can claim an increased portion of your Home Office utilities expenses such as;

  • Power
  • Internet
  • Landline bills 

To take into account any increase use of your utilities during this time of working from home, you can upload your utility expenses in the “General Expenses” category. You can still only claim up to 50% for these Home Office expenses so you will need to calculate this amount yourself and only raise the expense for the amount that you are claiming. In the Expense Description you will need to note the percentage you are claiming due to being required to work full time from home. 

If you were not previously working from home, you will need to calculate the size of your home office in relation to the size of your home and convert this into a percentage. You can then enter this in the Profile section of your Hnry Dashboard so that you can also claim Rent or Mortgage Interest expenses.

We then automatically calculate the claimable amount of your Home Office expenses based on the size of your Home Office

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