Airbnb is an online homestay organization that allows people to rent out holiday homes, or even rooms within their own home, to people who are travelling. Airbnb income is considered another source of self-employed income, and it taxable. 

If you are renting out for property through Air BnB, you will need to list this as an Income Source under “Other income” on the Hnry App. 

GST Impacts

If you are already earning over $60,000 in self-employed income, you will need to charge and pay GST on any Airbnb rental income as you would for your normal services..

If across your total self-employed income sources, you are earning under $60,000, then you are not required to charge GST however on your AirBnB rental charges. However, please note that any rental income you receive through AirBnB counts towards the $60,000 threshold and may result in you needing to become GST-registered. 

Please Note:

  • If you are GST-registered, you do not need to pay GST on other residential rental properties, only short-term home stay accommodation like Airbnb
  • Income tax is payable on short-term rental income whether you are self-employed or in a salaried job (as it is another source of income). 

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