Hnry works for all sorts of customers: Photographers, Tradies, Drivers, Freelance Designers, Business Analysts. 

Essentially, if you earn any income as a self-employed individual, regardless of how much or how often, or whether you use a recruiter, Hnry can take away the hassle of tax and compliance for you.

If you’re filing an IR3 at the end of the Financial Year, then yes, Hnry is for you!

Unfortunately, Hnry does not currently support tax and compliance for people trading through registered businesses. If you are trading as a business and filing both IR4 Company Accounts, and also personal IR3 tax returns, we would recommend that you use Hnry and switch to solely filing IR3 returns.

If you’re a sole trader, there’s no need to have a company structure when you’re using Hnry, as we make sure you’re as tax-efficient as possible!

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